Employment Questionnaire for Aspiring Security Guards



SECURITY GUARD (UNARMED)- A person hired as a Security Guard (unarmed) will:
❖ Have a valid New York State Security Guard License for unarmed guards.
❖ Conduct scheduled tours of the premises, reporting any unusual occurrences or unsafe health
conditions that present themselves.
❖ Request proper identification of any persons requiring entry to any premises.
❖ Inspections of the premises will either be in a vehicle or walking. Frequently inspecting the ports
of entry or egress to ensure that they are secure.
❖ Traffic control of motor vehicles around the premises when called upon.
❖ Making sure that persons awaiting entry to any premises are given instructions to ensure that
their health and safety are always protected.

SECURITY GUARD (ARMED)- A person hired as a Security Guard (armed) will: have the responsibilities
of an unarmed security guard with additional responsibilities:
❖ Have a valid New York State Security Guard License for armed guards.
❖ Operate personal and property electronic scanning equipment (not allowing any illegal or unsafe
items entry to any premise).
❖ Protect assets on any premises with clear visibility of their weapon as a deterrent. Note: some
executive protection details may require concealed weapons.

SUPERVISING SECURITY GUARD – a person appointed to this position will:
❖ Have knowledge of the duties of a security guard (unarmed/ armed).
❖ This person will report unusual occurrences to the proper emergency response agency and the
owner of the premises as well as the Management Team.
❖ Ensure that reliefs are conducted for all security guards.
❖ Ensure that all security guards are in proper uniform.
❖ This person will be responsible for multiple work sites/ premises.
❖ Where there is no security guard on post, this person will be expected to assume the
responsibilities of a security guard.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT- a person hired as an Administrative Assistant will:
❖ be responsible for having all office supplies available (including but not limited to:
paper, pens, pencils, writing pads, ink toner).
❖ This person will open and read mail (excluding Legal mail) and emails and distribute it to
the concerned manager.
❖ This person will be responsible for dispersing funds from the petty cash for emergency
purchases that the General Manager approves.
❖ Collecting and cataloging all contracts from clients.
❖ Taking notes during meetings and distributing them to all attendees soon thereafter.

Executive Administrator- a person hired as the Executive Administrator will
❖ Supervise the Administrative Assistant.
❖ This person will read all Legal Mail and distribute it to the manager concerned.
❖ This person will also be responsible for the timely payment of rent and other monthly
❖ Overseeing the employee payroll and verifying the disbursement with the payroll
agency that disperses payments on the company’s behalf.
❖ The Executive Administrator will schedule meetings and handle the calendar for the President and CEO of the company.

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