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We’re here to give you complete security and tranquility. We offer the ideal security solution for you whether you run a storefront, an educational facility, a healthcare facility, or a government outfit.

Our highly trained and certified security experts understand the importance of safeguarding your property, customers, and employees.

Special Event Security

Executive Close-In Security

Private Residences

Festival Site Security


"As the owner of Pavilion on the Terrace, I understand the importance of providing a secure and welcoming environment for our events. Wayne's security company Smile4Life has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our guests. Having known Wayne personally for many years, I can vouch for his dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. His team is not only highly trained and vigilant but also courteous and respectful, which enhances the overall experience at our venue. I wholeheartedly recommend Smile4Life security services to anyone seeking reliable and top-notch security solutions."

Ms.Kecia WeaverFounder & President of Pavillon On The Terrace

"Wayne Powell is humble, very spiritual, caring, and very respectful. I would recommend him for any position anywhere - he is a saint.
May God bless him and allow Smile 4 Life to expand because both Mr. Powell and the security officers are up- to-date, engaged, caring, patient and understanding.
If it wasn't for Wayne Powell I wouldn't be alive! That man is an anchor I highly recommend him. He was the first person to call the ambulance for me and he rode with me to the hospital."

Bishop Akwasi Amankwah

Qualified Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Reliable and Well-Respected in the Market

24 Hours Security &

Will your guards be armed or unarmed?

Whether we provide armed or unarmed guards for an event will depend on the type of business is requesting our service and the area in which the event will be held. However, in most cases we supply unarmed guards.

How do you supervise your staff? What is your chain of command? Do you use GPS or other technologies to monitor your employees?

Here at Smile4Life Security Corp. we utilize a technological metric to measure the success rate of our employees and to determine if any their are any changes that need to be implemented.

What kind of training do your security guards receive? Do they have programs to update their skills and competencies?

Not only do each of our security guards possess the necessary licenses to become a security officer in New York City but they also undergo an annual training to renew their FO1, FO2, and F80 certifications. In addition, upon being hired, each of our employees can expect receive one on one training whether it be by our CEO Mr.Wayne Powell himself or by a supervisor— as they are introduced to their new location they will quickly become acclimated with their duties as a security guard with Smile4Life Security Corp.

What types of background checks do you perform on your security guards?

Here at Smile4Life Security Corp. we conduct an extensive investigation on our candidates criminal history, employment history, and personal references.