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We Provide Hope And Change Of Life

Professional Excellence, Quality and Courteous Protection,

Executive Protection

Protecting Homes, Companies, Hotels, Schools, Religious Institutions, Festivals, Construction Sites


Optimal Protection From Licensed Security Guards

Properties are home to something valuable—it can be jewelry, equipment, products, and of course, lives. At Smile4Life Security Protection Corporation in New York, New York, we make sure you and your assets are safe.

Provide your distinguished guests, employees, tenants, and students with the protection they deserve. Our security professionals are trained to serve everyone with the utmost courtesy and diplomacy.

Multiple Service Applications

We protect you and your establishment from danger and breaches. Our field guards provide:

  • Executive Close-In Security

  • Special Event Security

  • Festival Site Security

You can always ask for security personnel to be stationed in the following:

  • Private Residences

  • Construction Sites

  • Hotels and Schools

  • Religious Institutions

Highly Experienced Law Enforcers

Our teams are made up of retired and active law enforcement officers who have all been serving in supervisory positions in their respective agencies, including:

  • United States Federal Reserve System Law Enforcement Division

  • New York City Department of Corrections

  • The New York State Courts System

Career Opportunities

We welcome professionals eager to join our team. If you wish to apply, please fill out our online employment questionnaire and send it to us.

Security listening in via short-range earpiece

Let’s Have a Chat!

If you have any questions about our services or regarding the applications, reach out to us today. Our staff is always ready to accommodate your concerns.